Sunrise o’clock

I don’t need to be convinced of the merits of early rising, but sometimes, I am reminded, wonderfully, why it is worth the effort of doing so…

2016-05-08_Sydney_Opera House_man
Sydney Opera House in the pink
2016-05-08_Sydney_Opera House_hello
Hello (and good morning!)
2016-05-08_Sydney_Opera House window
Through the Opera House window

Last Sunday was one such case-in-point. There’d been some back-burning in the bush the day before, way out in the Blue Mountains, but the smoke had made its way to the city, shrouding Sydney in an unpleasant, low-lurking way, all day. I’d stayed mostly close to home, not keen to be outdoors in the smoky environment, keeping an eye on things via social media updates. Lots of murky landscapes with the usual landmarks all but obscured by the smoke haze…

2016-05-08_Sydney_Circular Quay_sunrise
Buildings in blush

I couldn’t (still can’t) quite recall when the last noteworthy hazard burning incident had been, but I remembered that the smoke seemed to affect the following day’s sunrise quite significantly, so I was up and out early, keen to see what might transpire this time.

2016-05-08_Sydney_sunrise silhouettes
Sunrise silhouettes
2016-05-08_Sydney_Circular Quay_city
Red city

I wasn’t disappointed. Of course, we do get lovely sunrises (and sunsets) regularly here, but the deep pink cast to last Sunday’s dawn ‘show’ was rather lovely, I thought. And when the light bounced off the city’s buildings it wasn’t shy about showing off its blushed hues.


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