Valley Under the Rock*

I’d had in mind a weekend of very little. A coffee catch-up here, a museum visit there… with a healthy dose of domesticity in between. The previous four weekends had seen me far from home (intrastate, interstate, overseas); the idea of being in Sydney properly for two whole days seemed blissful.

How wrong I was.

On Friday afternoon, the Hub suggested a weekend getaway to the Blue Mountains with friends A. and C. – just for the Saturday night, he said. We would meet for lunch with a couple of friends, and then drive to Megalong Valley* for dinner at Dryridge Estate with the owners (an ex-colleague of A. and the Hub, and her husband).

I might also say now that it was pretty cold last night and this morning. There was snow in places. As we arrived home from dinner late last night, the car reading was minus-1C. Same thing this morning when I went out for a wander with the camera and returned to the cabin with my feet and hands painfully cold.

The kangaroo warning sign was apt, by the way. Minutes from home last night, there was a loud bang (I might have shrieked), and although the animal bounded away into the darkness, and we expected to find a huge dent in our Mini Cooper, most surprisingly, we came away unscathed. This morning, the Hub found a tuft of fur in the back passenger-side wheel arch.

And so this series of photographs is from our quick jaunt. (So much for those plans to do nothing much at all.)

2016-06-25 P6250008 NSW_Megalong weekend
The restaurant and cafe at Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah
2016-06-25 P6250010 NSW_Megalong weekend
We had lunch on a sunshine-saturated deck with views of the Blue Mountains
2016-06-25 P6250018 NSW_Megalong weekend
Werriberri Lodge cabin, Megalong Valley
2016-06-25 P6250021 NSW_Megalong weekend
Almost sunset
2016-06-25 P6250026 NSW_Megalong weekend
Textural tree
2016-06-25 P6250035 NSW_Megalong weekend
Dryridge Estate
2016-06-25 P6250036 NSW_Megalong weekend
Evening at the Estate
2016-06-26 P6260042 NSW_Megalong weekend
It was much too cold to sit outside… alas!
2016-06-26 P6260053 NSW_Megalong weekend
Frosty morning in Megalong Valley
2016-06-26 P6260060 NSW_Megalong weekend
2016-06-26 P6260062 NSW_Megalong weekend
The road to Werriberri Lodges
2016-06-26 P6260065 NSW_Megalong weekend
Go slow
2016-06-26 P6260067 NSW_Megalong weekend
Morning silhouette
2016-06-26 P6260075 NSW_Megalong weekend
Hint of escarpment beyond the trees
2016-06-26 P6260077 NSW_Megalong weekend
Werriberri Lodge grounds
2016-06-26 P6260079 NSW_Megalong weekend
Waiting for the car to warm up
2016-06-26 P6260081 NSW_Megalong weekend
Pretty warm now!
2016-06-26 P6260082 NSW_Megalong weekend
Landscape with tree
2016-06-26 P6260085 NSW_Megalong weekend

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