Is it a butterfly? Or a moth? Does it fly, leap or creep?

What is it?

A fantastical creature sprung from the imagination of a performance artist called Justin Shoulder: OO rests for a time before tiptoeing and slinking across the grass to the wide-eyed wonderment of all those watching (yours truly included).

I was invited last week to an Instameet and preview of the opening festival of New Romance: art and the posthuman at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). To be completely honest, I RSVPd in the affirmative – and turned up – without really knowing what to expect… This performance outside the MCA was really not what I had anticipated, but it was quite the highlight for its originality and quirkiness.

The exhibition assembles the work of 18 artists from Australia and Korea to question “what it means to be human today and what it might mean in the future” with ideas sparked from science fiction, robotics, biology, social media – to name but a few. There was a lot of food for thought there (and some real food too!*), but it was OO which captured my attention at the end.

*The MCA treated us to some goodies from the Korean menu designed in collaboration with Potts Point’s Kim Restaurant

2016-07-03 p7020087 NSW_MCA_OO
Here comes OO
2016-07-03 p7020108 NSW_MCA_OO


2016-07-03 p7020115 NSW_MCA_OO
Friend J. also enjoyed photographing OO’s performance
2016-07-03 p7020131 NSW_MCA_OO
Thought-provoking creature
2016-07-03 p7020136 NSW_MCA_OO
Photographing OO’s best side
2016-07-03 p7020137 NSW_MCA_OO
2016-07-03 p7020147 NSW_MCA_OO
OO makes people smile
2016-07-03 p7020150 NSW_MCA_OO
OO in profile
2016-07-03 p7020158 NSW_MCA_OO
“Are you looking at me?”
2016-07-03 p7020164 NSW_MCA_OO
OO’s markings in monochrome
2016-07-03 p7020082 NSW_MCA_OO
OO unfurls
2016-07-03 p7020097 NSW_MCA_OO
OO, with another Justin Shoulder character, Pinky, in the background   

Catch New Romance: art and the posthuman at the MCA now until 4th September 2016



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