A few from Melbourne

This set of images was taken yesterday in Melbourne, where I happened to be on the weekend to visit a friend and her family. I spent pretty much 95% of my time at theirs, so I didn’t pound the streets as I would’ve done in typical flaneur style. Mind you, I’m not complaining because I had an awesome weekend hanging out with my longtime friend and getting to know her two little people. But that aside, these are the few I captured when I walked around the block in the cold (7C) early morning before they arrived to collect me from the hotel. The usual fixations are reflected here: the street, tramlines, light and shadows.

2006-07-24 P7240491_VIC_Melbourne
On the edge of Chinatown
2006-07-24 P7240507_VIC_Melbourne
Walking the line
2006-07-24 P7240523_VIC_Melbourne
Morning drive
2006-07-24 P7240524_VIC_Melbourne
For a moment, I was reminded of San Francisco
2006-07-24 P7240528_VIC_Melbourne
But the bicycles provided the reminder
2006-07-24 P7240532_VIC_Melbourne
Heading home from a night out(?)
2006-07-24 P7240534_VIC_Melbourne
Walk in the light
2006-07-24 P7240538_VIC_Melbourne
Keep warm
2006-07-24 P7240553_VIC_Melbourne
Bottega (Bottega)
2006-07-24 P7240520_VIC_Melbourne
Headed for the beach


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