Passing by the Girls

Earlier this week, I was posting something or other to Instagram, and I found myself deliberating about whether or not to present it in colour or in black-and-white. (I chose colour.) Today, I was lurking around the monochrome hangout and, specifically, lingering over the photos from last year’s [incomplete] Camino de Santiago experience and, several times, caught myself thinking, “I wish I could see this photo in colour right now.” (I also wished I could conjure myself back to Northern Spain, but that’s another story altogether.)

Something has definitely shifted in my brain… or is it my eye? Perhaps it’s both.

Finally, I’m ready to admit that I’ve been posting more frequently and regularly in colour to Instagram. More often, it’s an unconscious choice, but when I think back to the days when posting in colour was a struggle, it all seems very strange now. I recall that in the early days, I used to ponder a great deal about how accurate my capturing and subsequent representation of certain colours might be (or not), and used to vex me more than I’d have admitted at the time.

I still post in black-and-white, but it seems less of the go-to right now. Who knows if the pendulum will swing back to that again in the future?

Anyway, just some end-of-week musing as I trawl through a bunch of old photos – this one was taken in April, and I’d forgotten about it completely… Or maybe it didn’t jump out at the time… Or maybe, more likely, I didn’t like it at the time. Now I do, in colour and in black-and-white (but if I’m being truly honest, the colour version is a smidgeon more appealing somehow). I’m no good at analysing the whys and wherefores.

2016-04-09 P4091372_Sydney_Passing Gucci girls_BW
When the (Gucci) girls don’t even see you, life feels quite colourless

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