At the Library

I blame the fact that I was never more academic on the fact that the library at the university I attended was more functional than aesthetic. We used to refer to the university itself as ‘the concrete jungle’ which was surely a case of enough said.

That aside, I do have a fondness for libraries and books, even though I don’t buy books much these days; e-books are convenient and far less back-breaking (an important factor for someone who seems to move house every few years).

This set is composed of photos taken at various times, over the space of more than six months, including as recently as this last few days. Some were captured opportunistically (whilst with others hence on-the-fly) whereas others were done in a more leisurely and specific manner (i.e. I went to the library specifically to point the lens). The equipment used was both iPhone 6 as well as the Olympus OM-D E-M1 paired with the 75mm.

I always feel a bit furtive when at the library with the camera. I’m sure most people don’t appreciate being photographed whilst working but I’m powerless to stop myself when confronted by a room full of beautifully arranged books.

2016 iphone6 NSW_Sydney_State Library NSW
To the Mitchell Room
2016 p5080368 NSW_Sydney_State Library NSW
2015-12-02 pc020088 NSW_Sydney_State Library NSW
IMG_5056 NSW_Sydney_State Library NSW
In the Friends Room
IMG_5060 NSW_Sydney_State Library NSW
A corner of the Friends Room
2015-12-02 pc020093 NSW_Sydney_State Library NSW
Just gone noon
2016 IMG_5053 NSW_Sydney_State Library NSW
Time to go
2015-01-10 p1100434 NSW_Sydney_State Library NSW
Yes, they do

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