Highlights of the Day

From my high-in-the-sky vantage point, Monday to Friday…

There are days when the sight fills me with happiness, like on a cloudless blue-sky Friday afternoon (rich with the promise of the approaching weekend), but there are also awe-inspiring days when nature turns on the waterworks and puts on a light-show while the orchestra bangs and crashes its accompaniment.

There are moments of mellow pinkish-orange-hued sunsets when a trio of ibis flap across the sky (and that voice inside my head says “It’s an ibi fly-by!” (I do know the plural of ‘ibis’ is ‘ibises’, just in case you were wondering.)

Then there are days when the black helicopters circle for hours, and still others when you suddenly notice that there’s a blimp way out there, its shapely form emblazoned with advertising for something or someone… The ferries down below slowly passing by on their daily duty, and beyond the water, how this place, this city, seems to stretch on and on to suburbs where I don’t even know the names (and probably never ever will. Because I’m such a city rat, I was just thinking this the other day.)

Some days, it’s just the light, the gorgeous, mesmerising quality of light…

But on some days, I don’t even see notice what’s outside. Except for the realisation that the day has departed, and the lateness of the hour which has somehow, suddenly, crept up upon you…

2016-03-30 p3301187 NSW_Sydney_sunset  2016-03-30 p3301176 NSW_Sydney_sunset2016-03-30 p3301186 NSW_Sydney_sunset 2016-03-30 p3301183 NSW_Sydney_sunset 2016-07-29 p7290686 NSW_Sydney_sunset


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