Unfurling These Thoughts

When my time comes, I wonder, how will it be?

I hope it happens whilst I am sleeping. Alone. Not awake. Nor with others around me.

One moment, I’m breathing, the next I’ve stopped.

Will I be ready? Expectant? Hopeful for the next, the nothing.

I’m not afraid of the end. Not now, and I hope not then.

I’ve been thinking about the end quite a bit lately. I don’t know why. Perhaps I’m one of those who needs years to prepare herself…

2016-08-21 -8210171 NSW_Sydney_RBG



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  1. Excellent and thoughtful piece. I have found that quite a few of my friends have been thinking about their mortality recently (me included) – I wonder if it is the horrendous state of affairs the news seems to keep serving up to us? Why can’t we have a good news only show? I know that a lot of good things are happening every day. Those ferns again 🙂 Lovely

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    • Hey Andy, I think my thoughts have been influenced most recently by the combination of the death of a relative, writing my will and listening to a few podcasts about euthanasia and assisted dying.

      I don’t know if this is common but when I mention death or the fact that I’ve been thinking about it people think I’m being maudlin. They want to know if I’m depressed. They say things like: “Cheer Up, misery guts!” I’m not at all depressed. I think it’s better to be engaged with it now when I still have the ability – mentally and physically – to fully consider the matter.

      Yes, the fern. I may have to return to the Botanic Garden on the weekend for more. Maybe in the rain this time! 🙂

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  2. I also think that death is an extremely interesting subject – as interesting as life… maybe a little more curious 🙂 Oh yes! in the rain the fern is beautiful, especially that curled up new frond 🙂


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