Morning at Walsh Bay

I stepped out of the apartment yesterday morn, still dark at 05:52 and eight degrees Celsius. I didn’t have a specific idea about where I wanted to go but I found myself at ‘here’ about two and a half, three, hours later, with the wintery-albeit-superbright sun in my eyes and instead of putting away the camera and heading for home – which is what usually happens – I decided to stay out and keep shooting…

2016-08-27 P8270414 NSW_Sydney_Walsh Bay
Walsh Bay living
2016-08-27 P8270402 NSW_Sydney_Walsh Bay
Along the pier

‘Here’ being Walsh Bay, just north-east of the the city and The Rocks area (for those who aren’t local). I really like this part of Sydney because except for the fit folk in lycra and running shoes or perched on their bicycles, it’s empty and quiet and so very peaceful.

2016-08-27 P8270408 NSW_Sydney_Walsh Bay
Easy stroll
2016-08-27 p8270410 NSW_Sydney_Walsh Bay
2016-08-27 p8270413 NSW_Sydney_Walsh Bay
Stairway to …

Somewhere along Pier 8, I climbed up a flight of stairs to a door that didn’t open (to the public), right to the top so that I could admire the view. I always want to go high, despite my fear of heights. I never seem to tire of the sensation of peering down from above. Perhaps I enjoy the exhilaration when its accompanied by fear. Maybe without the tinge of terror, there’s no thrill.

2016-08-27 P8270401 NSW_Sydney_Walsh Bay
Ferry dwarfed by Blues Point Tower
2016-08027 p8270408 NSW_Sydney_Walsh Bay
2016-08-27 p8270421 NSW_Sydney_Walsh Bay
At the end of the pier
2016-08-27 p8270422 NSW_Sydney_Walsh Bay
Sit here for sunshine

After I’d ascertained that my acrophobia was still very much present (and taken in the view), I descended the stairs, in a somewhat wobbly manner, then pulled up a tall chair at the usual sun-trap spot outside Pier 8 Cafe for a croissant and coffee… and watched the runner pound her way past me once again. If I had to guess I’d say her run was  part of her Saturday morning ritual, just as my session with my camera was mine.

I’ve had a week off the treadmill because my left knee has been complaining a little more than I’d like to admit (beyond the usual post-workout aches), but I’ll be back to the routine from tomorrow. One week seems to have done the trick, not to mention, it’s time to get back to it, especially if I want to keep enjoying croissants every now and again.

2016-08-27 p8270418 NSW_Sydney_Walsh Bay
Runner, redux

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  1. excellent pics 🙂 My favourite is the one with the stairs to… look after your knee 🙂

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