Men at Work/Rest

A few men at work – and rest – captured recently…

2016-09-15 dscf2243-nsw_sydney_martin-place_man

I don’t know what the man in business suit, early in the city one morning this week, was saying on the phone, but his call lasted long enough so that I had time to walk past, reverse by several steps, reach for the camera, pull the frame (not once but twice). All the while, I imagined he was uttering a hackneyed expression along the lines of, “Listen, mate, talk to the hand!'”

2016-09-03 p9030608-nsw_surry-hill_maybe-frank-bartender

The bartender works at Maybe Frank, a pizzeria and cocktail bar, just minutes from home. It was a Saturday night. The Hub and I were waiting at the bar for a couple of pizzas to emerge from the wood fire-oven to take with us. The Negroni was the Hub’s.

2016-09-18 dscf2343-nsw_surry-hill_man-yawn

This morning, I wandered around Surry Hills with the Fujifilm X-T1 and a recently leased XF90mm f/2 attached. (I think I may have found a new go-to combination.) The geezer was sitting in front of the long-shuttered Hopetoun. I’d guess from the yawn that he was in just-woke-up mode.

2016-09-17 dscf2255_at home

The Hub reading on his iPad yesterday afternoon. I’d just brought the new lens home, and was itching to try it.


In case it’s of interest, the photo of the bartender was taken using the Olympus with a 12-40mm f2.8, but all the others were captured using the Fujifilm mentioned earlier.

Speaking of Fujifilm, I’ve heard many podcasts and read numerous reviews of the newly released X-T2 (and how amazing it is) recently.

In a couple of days, it will be Photokina 2016 in Cologne and there’ve been rumours for weeks (or is it months?) now that Olympus will be announcing the E-M1 Mk II model at the event.

I am expecting to take delivery of a new iPhone 7 Plus in coming days, too – I didn’t need a new phone, but I wanted to check out Apple’s dual camera offering. (I had the order confirmation within seven minutes of the online release. I guess some people might be judgemental about that, but at least I didn’t queue for hours or days outside the bricks-and-mortar store!)

Suffice to say, it feels like there are many temptations right now. I’ve succumbed to the 7+, and there’s no guarantee that I won’t succumb to the camera candy either.

Have any readers of this blog had the opportunity to try out the new X-T2 yet? What about the latest iPhone? Or do you plan to purchase? Or maybe, you don’t have any interest in it at all. I need some of that, if you can spare it. The anti-temptation factor. Ha.




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  1. I’m debating about getting the 7 plus: I don’t really need it, but I do really want it! 😄

    Temptation may win out!

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  2. Nice pics… 7+ yes please 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You have some wonderful street photos. I really liked the photo of the bartender in action:)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love the shots taken with the Fuji! Great details and clarity as you would expect from most Fuji lenses.
    I’ve recently got my new iPhone 7 plus and ran some shots. In my opinion, the image quality is slightly better and richer than my iPhone 6 plus perhaps due to the difference in megapixels. The tele lens produces “not so creamy bokeh” as you would have expected.
    Keep up the good work!

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