On Bourke Street

So, this is a continuation from the previous post, because here we are still in Surry Hills and specifically on or around Bourke Street.

2016-09-18 dscf2270-nsw_sydney_surry-hills

I’ve always liked this street for the leafy trees that line it, and the thought (about how much I love the trees) always pops into my head when I’m strolling along here. I feel fortunate to be a resident of this neighbourhood and happy that something so simple as walking down the street can put me in a positive frame of mind.

2016-09-18 dscf2267-nsw_sydney_surry-hills

The old houses have a particular feel to them – some of them have seen better days, that’s for sure, and it’s not hard to come across at least a few which are undergoing renovations at any given time.

2016-09-18 dscf2310-nsw_sydney_surry-hills

My fast paced walk usually slows when I walk along this section of the street because I particularly enjoy its varying hues of green(ish) all lined up and neatly framed by their wrought iron fencing. What can I say, I really am a simple person who finds pleasure in simple things (that most others would probably overlook).

2016-09-18 dscf2330-nsw_sydney_surry-hills

2016-09-18 dscf2271-nsw_sydney_surry-hills

When I was taking the preceding photo, I honestly didn’t notice the bear stuck between the rungs of the fence, such was my focus on the verdant overhang above the pedestrian. But he caught my attention eventually and I was pleased with the resulting shot – I wondered if those fine ‘hairs’ stuck to Teddy were of the canine variety, and whether there was a small human looking for him – I hope he or she was reunited with the little bear.

2016-09-18 dscf2300-nsw_sydney_surry-hills

I actually have a very clear memory of walking down Bourke Street a few months ago with the newly purchased Fujifilm X-T1 (+ 18mm f/2), and firing a couple of shots which never made it to the Instagram feed or the blog. I remember being wholly dissatisfied with the photos, and the experience, and wondering if I’d been rash about my purchase and whether I should return the camera…

Happily, I feel very differently about it these days, and I am loving using it more and more. I admit to having referred to the manual many, many times – I guess it was a bit like learning another language after being so accustomed to using the Olympus. This is the thing about my photography journey, and I think it is much the same for many other enthusiasts like myself: the learning never stops, and it’s precisely that which keeps me returning for more.


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  1. Beautiful pics – I would have to touch those magnificent street trees. I am always amazed at their ability to survive in what appears to be such and inhospitable environment for a tree and I am always thankful that they are there 🙂 Excellent

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