Early For Some, Late For Others


Yesterday, at just after 6am and about 20 minutes (on foot) from home, I turned into a street I hadn’t intended to go down. I was following the sunlight…


One minute I was alone and the next, this trio had staggered out from somewhere, somewhat rumpled and looking a tad sheepish. I’d hazard a guess it was the ‘walk of shame’, headed for home after a night on the turps (and the rest)… I say this with a wry smile of knowing, such behaviour having been the norm for me, years ago.


As I watched the threesome make their way down the street, I caught myself wondering how different my experiences would’ve have been had I discovered my love of photography years ago. I thought of all the money spent over the years chasing the buzz, how many braincells annihilated in the process (not that I had many to spare to begin with), countless walks of shame trodden in similar sun-dappled circumstances…

Then again, I may not necessarily have gone the sensible route either.


And I imagined them falling into a sleep of the dead, and waking later that afternoon, reaching for a fried breakfast, chased down with a caffeinated beverage, maybe even a full sugar Coca-Cola – and doing it all again that night. It was the weekend after all – Saturday morning, if I remembered correctly – and here I was strolling around chasing light at 06:30am! How my life has changed.


Musing aside, the clocks go back next weekend… and we go forward into Summer ‘time’.



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