The bad: this week was a bit busier than I had expected and I was playing catch-up seemingly every day (and by the time I got to Friday, I really felt fried). The good: I started my day at Bondi on Saturday and afterwards felt like the human equivalent of the CTRL-ALT-DELETE procedure had worked.

2016-10-01 dscf2676-nsw_sydney_bondi
Look ahead

The sunlight was super strong, even though it was only around 6:30a.m., so the whites were really sun-bleached and flat, but I didn’t really mind it this time. In particular, the apartments on Notts Avenue which I don’t even pretend I’m not staring into each time I walk by – they looked so fresh, clean and white, and even though there was still a bit of a chill in the air, the entire scene seemed to cry out “Summer, incoming!”

I think something in my brain has definitely shifted, and I’m now officially looking forward to days of wearing shorts and coconut-scented sunscreen and hats… and barbecues.

2016-10-01 dscf2700-nsw_sydney_bondi
Barbecue weather

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