On the Street at the End of the Day

It’s approaching that time of year when things get a little more hectic than usual at the office. More than once this week, before I’d even had a chance to exhale, it was the end of the day, and I still had a list of things to tick off; honestly, I could’ve stayed at the office until way past dinnertime. I didn’t though.

I decided to take a detour on my walk home one evening, going west rather than east for a couple of blocks or so, and thereby was reminded of the fact that the evening light can also be wonderfully exhilarating when we stop for half a minute to actually see it. I confess to usually being in a hurry to get home, and/or preoccupied because I’m listening to a podcast (probably yet another one covering the US Election which fascinates and horrifies by turns)…

2016-10-11 pa111226 NSW_Sydney_city



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  1. You’re right about the light – gorgeous… I’m usually trying to keep it out of my eyes as I ride home 🙂

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