Neighbourhood Stroll

I decided to go for a walk this afternoon… with the Olympus, which I feel as though I haven’t done in a while. I only wandered about three minutes from home, and I’m pretty sure I walked in a rectangle – down one street, across, and up along the next street – before heading home again, but it was enough to scratch the itch.

Although I don’t normally like to go out with the camera in the middle of the day, I didn’t find the experience unpleasant at all. The light was good, the shadows weren’t too harsh. The only complaint would be that it was very humid, and my hayfever (achoo!), but that’s what you get at this time of year. And I was in jeans (it was too warm for them, really), because I don’t feel ready to bare the pins yet. I feel as though I’ve just come out of a long winter, which I know is ridiculous statement to make, considering how mild Sydney winters are relative to many other parts of the world. Mind you, I did miss winter last year with the year off, so that’s my excuse. I know it’s a first world complaint, so I’ll shut up now.

Stroll with me…

2016-10-29 pa291312-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
I like this house on the corner
2016-10-29 pa291318-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
I bet she was regretting wearing jeans too
2016-10-29 pa291329-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
I was trying to imagine the olden days when they used candles for light
2016-10-29 pa291324-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
I smelt this jasmine before I saw it
2016-10-29 pa291325-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
Pretty old by Australian standards
2016-10-29 pa291341-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
It’s ‘tyresome’ when you can’t even have a cigarette without someone pointing the camera
2016-10-29 pa291338-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
No. 1A
2016-10-29 pa291330-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
Church (and the other religion)
2016-10-29 pa291344-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
Locked up
2016-10-29 pa291351-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
Even men are doing ‘active-wear’
2016-10-29 pa291358-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst cat
She saw me
2016-10-29 pa291362-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst cat
Proffering the belly for the rub
2016-10-29 pa291369-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst cat
Relaxing in the middle of the road (as only a cat could)
2016-10-29 pa291346-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
The thinker
2016-10-29 pa291352-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
Lamp in the window
2016-10-29 pa291356-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
2016-10-29 pa291367-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
A view of Sydney
2016-10-29 pa291377-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
Look out
2016-10-29 pa291384-nsw_sydney_darlinghurst
Allen’s Terrace


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  1. Wow: there’s a lot of old-fashioned character in Sydney. I had no idea! Lovely shots by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the church and CBD shot – that’s my fav. The cat is cute 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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