So… I found myself at the recently opened Fred’s in the Sydney suburb of Paddington this week specifically to shoot photos of the interior and style details. The assignment had come to me via good ol’ Instagram, where I ‘play’ most days. Thank you to Irving of Merivale who made the request. It was my pleasure to wander around Fred’s ahead of the doors opening that evening, plus a little time shortly into service, and soaking up all the wonderfully specific features – including those of the restroom! – of the suburb’s latest and soon-to-be greatest fixture.

There are quite a few shots here, and I apologise in advance – before you being scrolling – if you’re not a fan of interiors. There are a few shots which I know that Merivale won’t be using in their social media feed because it contains staff prepping, but as I’m partial to the documentary nature of photography, I couldn’t resist including them.

It’s worth noting  that all the part-time jobs I held in my uni student years were in the food service industry, and as a result, I’ve always been interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect of restaurants. What’s more the other half is in the industry, so I’ve never strayed very far from the scene.

That aside, I’m neither food blogger nor a professional photographer, and I think it’s worth pointing out that I would not claim to be either. I haven’t been behind the camera for many years, and I confess to feeling pangs of insecurity occasionally when in the presence of the ‘real’ photographers. I do this for fun, and if people want to hire me for my hobby, I’m thrilled and grateful.

I took some shots of the front bar of Fred’s and Charlie Parker’s its basement bar, which I’ll share in another post. As of the time of this post, this photo has been used in Merivale’s Instagram feed – here. Because the photos were taken specifically for social media in support of the venue, they will be utilised over a period of time and depending on when the company wants to promote the venue.

Hope you enjoy the pics. Feedback is welcome as always.




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  1. These are really lovely shots, and you should be extremely happy with them. I’m sure the proprietors will be too.

    The venue looks awesome!


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  2. The sixth picture from the top – the painting in the middle just pops! Excellent – the place looks very inviting – I’d be happy having a look around with a decent glass of red in my hand… and maybe some of that bread 🙂

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