A few good men

Now that I’m home I realise that I seem to have captured quite a few (hopefully good) men whilst I was in Tokyo and Kyoto. Not only did I gravitate toward the men, but I seem to have found the older generation more interesting than their younger counterparts.

I don’t have a similar number of female subjects to showcase in a post, and this surprises me greatly, mainly because I feel that I’m just as susceptible as the next person to the clichés associated with Japan, and thought I would’ve returned home with stacks of photos of kimono-clad or fashionable youth tribes we so often see in travel shows or magazines.

Plus, if I ever needed proof that I’m drawn to the pedestrian, I suppose the majority of these photos provide that.

A further realisation is that I’m moving more toward people as subjects, much more than I used to do. Mind you, as this lot shows, I still favour captures from a distance, but I have a sense that I might be ready to move closer in the not-too-distant-future. A quick glance at what I was posting this time last year seems to bear this out; people were in the frame for scale or as an ‘accessory’ to the scene.


Before I sign off on this post, I must also say that it has not been my favourite time of year (Christmas and the end of year, or the beckoning of a new one – I suppose it all depends on one’s perspective). I have been quiet/absent and have even taken a break from Instagram. I know almost anyone who cares about photography and the visibility of their output would say that shunning Instagram is the number one thing NOT to do, but my love-hate relationship with the platform has veered more toward hate of late, so I’m hoping the sojourn will see me reinstating the app to my phone before too long, combined with more positive thoughts and a renewed sense of inspiration. (If you’ve ever felt the same, or do feel so regularly, I’d be interested to hear how you fight the social media malaise.)

Imperial Palace guard on his bicycle
Policeman of Tokyo
On the platform
Beside Kyoto Imperial Palace
At the crossing
All business in Kyoto
The train departs


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  1. Lovely shots (as ever!). I also have similar feelings towards IG at the moment, and have taken a break from it. I agree: it’s not the done thing, but hey: maybe we’re part of a revolution!

    All the best to you, your family and friends for an inspiring 2017!

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    • Thanks! Wonder what it is about IG that brings on these feelings… Or is it social media in general. (I deactivated my FB account yesterday and I’m only minimally active on Twitter, so perhaps I’m in hermit mode just now.)

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      • I think it’s pervasive across all social media now, but maybe intensely so on IG.

        Perhaps you, like me, need downtime from the constant “on” feeling that the likes of IG generates. I sometimes feel that I want to post something, but I don’t know what. It shouldn’t be that way! The image should come first, not the gratifying feeling that comes when a stream of likes start rolling-in. When I acknowledge that the likes are starting to rule me, I back-off for a while and try to get my head back into the right space.

        The good thing is that your images are not suffering: they’re still exceptional representations of travel and living, so even if you take a break from social media, you’ll still create lots of material which you may ultimately share at a later date.

        A’ the best:


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      • Yes, it’s the ‘constant “on”‘ feeling that gets me. Although I do have lots of images I could share, I rarely feel as though I do want to share them these days, but present in the background is the feeling that I should be ‘feeding the feed’ in order to keep up. I’ve been pondering this quite a bit lately… perhaps I should consider putting the thoughts into a post. Thanks, by the way, for the kind words.

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  2. Great shots as usual – my fav is the business man in the train – love the colour, composition and lighting. Thanks for sharing… look forward to the next phase of your pics 🙂

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  3. PS – I have just re-activated my FB account after a break of about 4 months and I find I use it in a much more subtle way ie I don’t check it every hour 🙂 – I do love checking peoples travel pics on instagram tho’ 🙂

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