From The Peak

A few (hah!) photos from our outing to The Peak on our second day in Hong Kong. The weather was a bit hazy, but it was clear enough to be able to appreciate the metropolis below us.

We began The Morning Trail in one direction but had to reverse and go the other way because there was a mother wild boar with four piglets taking a morning stroll en famille… and we weren’t confident of our chances of slipping by them without setting off mama boar’s protective instinct – not to mention she had what looked like rather pointy tusks, even from a safe distance!

Once we’d bypassed any potential incident with boars, I was chuffed to simply stroll along the trail, stopping now and again to take in the scenery. Beyond the bird’s eye views, I honestly could not get enough of the city, and would love to go back again for a long weekend or similar. The vibrant and bustling streets of Hong Kong felt super-energising after the quiet calm of Japan. At one point I even found myself wondering if there was any way I could move there for work – mind you, I’d seriously have to brush up on my Cantonese. (I’m still going through the photos, but I expect that there will be at least one further post.)

And before you say it, I will: yes, the landmark I seem to have been fixated on was the IFC (International Finance Centre) – it seems to be in several of my shots here.

And if I have one regret, it would be that we didn’t go up The Peak later in the day. A sunset shot would’ve been a nice one to bag, but the Hub and I ticked off our sightseeing activities during the day, and in the evening we focused on finding ourselves a nice place to unwind and enjoy a tasty dinner. I was pretty content with those priorities.




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  1. This visit (Hong Kong)is on our wish list too. Great pics and a good choice re the boar 😉

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  2. Stunning shots of an awe-inspiring location. I (like andysmerdon above) have Hong Kong on my bucket list.

    I reckon that there are more than a couple of buildings in HK that I’d like to photograph! 😉

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  3. I love the shots with the city and nature in them!

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