Early Bird Musings

These photos were taken last year (!), in early-September (!!)… and somehow I managed to forget to share them here. I checked my diary, and it did look like there was a lot going on at the time, but seriously… my bad. They were taken during two pre-work day sessions.

It feels like I’ve not done early mornings in a long time, and to be honest, I think I might be heading into a different phase now. It got sporadic-to-none in October/November (certainly nothing worth sharing) because the day job became more demanding around that time, and after that, we were in Japan and Hong Kong, and -shockhorror!- I allowed myself to sleep in on holiday – everyone knows really dedicated photogs are up with the sparrows (and the kookaburras)? Whatever. (Well, I did rise early one morning.)

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot more about night-time photography and it’s partly because I’ve got an ongoing ‘To Do’ list of venues (restaurants and bars) for a client (!!!) with a good portion of the brief being to capture night-time shots so I suppose you could say “needs must”. Doesn’t really feel natural to me, I’ve always been better in the first half of the day, but I’m going to embrace it as a new challenge. Thankfully, the timing on delivery is flexible.

Also, I’ve gone back, quite far back, into my Lightroom catalogue to clean it up, because I realised yesterday that my hard drive is almost full again – I only got it upgraded last year – and I suspect it’s because I have a lot of file double-ups (Raw and JPEG)… and my back-up (external) drive is full as well… I can see myself buying a few terabytes of storage this weekend. Ugh, b-o-r-i-n-g! but necessary.

That aside, the catalogue review is how I got to these pics again… I do love the stillness and solitude of the early mornings, when it’s just a few runners, cyclists, the birds and me in half-asleep inner city Sydney… Even though I haven’t been doing so much of the early morns of late, looking at these photos does the job, and I am transported to the moment. What I like about a couple of the shots as well is the intensity of the sunlight, the saturation of colour, even though we’d only recently emerged from Winter…

Speaking of changes and new challenges etc., we have quite a bit coming up in the first quarter. Besides that ‘To Do’ list mentioned above (eight or so venues in total), I’m also photographing a friend’s wedding next month. It was her request, not mine, and I did try to dissuade her from the idea. She was adamant that she didn’t want 300+ photos that she would never look at, but rather would prefer to have a small set of meaningful moments captured. I have taken photos of my friend, her fiancé and our friends before and the decision was based on that, I suppose. Besides that, we’re also moving house in early-March (the weekend after the wedding). Plus, I’m back to the day job on Monday and have been thinking about the new goals set for this year which will see me having to get a bit more involved in a couple of areas… Anyway, what was I saying about new challenges?

Oh, I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed already… May I have a quiet morning to myself, please?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2016-09-06 p9060628-nsw_sydney_domain.jpg2016-09-06 p9060628-nsw_sydney_domain.jpgp9060650-nsw_sydney_domain2016-09-06 p9060628-nsw_sydney_domain.jpg



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  1. Nothing compares to the feel of early morninglight and coolness, but if you have to go night-owl for a period, you’ll probably find it just as fascinating 🙂

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