Summer in the City

It has been more or less sweltering this week. On Wednesday night, after a 38C-day, the Hub and I got home from work, packed an overnight bag, and took ourselves to a hotel in the city, where I’d made a reservation the day before. Our rental apartment lacks air-conditioning, despite being relatively recently built, and it has that particular quality of being icy in the winter and boiling hot in the summer. I couldn’t bear the thought of a[nother] sleepless night, so I decided to treat us to a hotel for the night.

The remainder of the week has continued in a similar fashion – yes, yes, I know it’s summertime – but I’ve decided this year that the season is no longer my favourite. It’s been that for as long as I can remember, but after a dozen or so years of Sydney’s sticky version, I’ve ceased to be a fan. As we ‘speak’, I’m counting down the days to autumn…


These photos were taken yesterday in Hyde Park at almost 7pm. I’d been through the park an hour or so earlier, with the Hub, and I couldn’t keep from exclaiming – several times – about how great the light was, so as soon as we got home, I got out of the [sweaty] work clothes and grabbed the camera and walked back to the park.

I’m sure I’ll miss the convenience of being close to the city and Hyde Park when we relocate – the date of which has been brought forward by about a month as of today because we found the new place this morning – but I’m looking forward to new perspectives and adventures in a new neighbourhood.

In the meantime, still feeling too lethargic to do much at all… (I’m thinking about packing, does that count as doing something?)


I think the photo above (if not this post) qualifies to be linked to Ambience.



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  1. Gorgeous light! and right now I envy your 38° – we’re used to it here in summer 🙂

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  2. You’ve portrayed an ambience I could do with just now in foggy, cold old England.

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  3. Thinking about packing is definitely as tiresome as packing – especially when its 38 deg and 95% humidity. it’s pretty much the same here in Brisbane – and I agree; sure it’s summer, but I want Autumn 🙂

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