This week’s Photo Challenge is ‘Graceful’.

I thought it was reason enough to share a photo taken late last year at a friend’s birthday lunch. My friend in white and navy blue can be seen in the top left hand corner of the photo, getting a hug from someone. But for me, the focus was one of her best friends, B., whose gaze met my lens at the very moment that I decided to click the shutter. (I’d been aiming for a profile shot.)

She’s dressed in a summery white top and blue jeans, her face seemingly devoid of makeup. Her smile holds a hint of knowing. Her posture is upright, perhaps a little closed, and you may wonder where or why ‘grace’?

For me it was: the simple elegance of her outfit; her hair, pulled back into a low bun, revealing the smooth line of her neck; her bare arms seemed ready to be placed into position from first to fifth, where her unadorned fingers, of course, would find their shape, thumbs almost meeting middle fingers as if to grasp a rose between them… I thought then as I do now, “How graceful she looks.”




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  1. Brilliant shot and such natural grace. She looks like a ballerina. I also love the look of excitement on the gentleman’s face, closest to camera 🙂 Happy birthday to your friend.

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