Not Multi-tasking (and Mushrooms)

Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not as good as multi-tasking as I like to think I am. Because when I have photographic assignments of the paid variety in train, I find it exceedingly difficult to produce personal output that is both satisfactory and satisfying. Do others find this to be the case, I wonder?

I was in Mudgee last week to shoot N. and T.’s wedding… and I survived! I never thought that ‘wedding photography’ would be something I would be able to add to my heretofore,  – admittedly – scant credentials (seriously, it feels weird just using the words ‘wedding’ ‘photography’ and ‘credentials’ in the same sentence in relation to myself!) It was pretty tough though, I could’ve done with a second shooter, for sure. Not to mention, I was doing double duty as a guest, so I was absolutely shattered by the time I fell into bed at around midnight, or was it 1am (I honestly couldn’t tell you); my working day had begun at 11:30am. If I’d been simply working as a photographer, I would’ve been able to wear trousers and flat shoes, and I would’ve wrapped up after eight hours. Mind you, I’m not complaining! I felt thankful to be invited as a guest and I am ever so grateful to N. for believing in me and allowing me the contribute to her and T.’s day. (It rained, by the way, in case you were wondering. Nightmare but not a disaster.)

I was so done after last weekend that I didn’t touch my camera(s) for five whole days afterwards. That is a loooong time for me. I’m the weirdo who experiences a combination of separation anxiety and FOMO if she leaves the house without a proper camera in her bag. It’s just not the same using a mobile phone to snap a pic.

It’s been a far more restful time this weekend so I was able to take the X-T1 out for a play. I feel pretty bad for neglecting the Fujifilm for the last several weeks, but seriously between the house move and all the rest, I had been sticking to the Olympus for which I have a greater selection of lenses, not to mention the sense of familiarity of a system which I have racked up many more shooting hours.

That said, I want to use the X-T1 more – much more – because I love the colour rendition of the Fuji system. Try as I might I don’t seem to be able to replicate it with my Olympus, so I guess I’m going to have to make a go of using my Fuji more to achieve the look.

It’s been a wet week in Sydney. There are clumps of mushrooms in our very green garden which meant, of course, that I had to photograph them. Between rain showers, I wandered around a bit in the neighbourhood and snapped a couple of cute houses.

Fungi against green
Gazebo and green
Lion and leaves
Am I to surmise that the mushroom isn’t poisonous? (Because it looks like a creature took several pecks out of it…)
In the pink 
Coffee delivery


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  1. Our brains are not wired for multi-tasking, so don’t beat yourself up. Your mushrooms and houses are delight 🙂

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  2. Beautiful relaxing shots 🙂 The colours are indeed exquisite. My favourite is the one titled ‘Greenery’ – If it had been a painting I would call that use of light and shade chiaroscuro, ( technique made famous by Caravaggio, among others); not sure if it can be used when discussing a picture… it is perfect light and shade though 🙂

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