Nest in the Hills

I mentioned that I was spent after shooting the Mudgee* wedding in my last post, and said that I didn’t touch my camera for days afterward. Clearly I had forgotten about our visit to Lowe Wines the day after the wedding, and that I’d managed to take a few photos whilst there.

Anyway, memory failings aside, thought I would share because I got to take a few photos** of people and the winery – which always makes me happy. I love wineries: the mere idea of them makes me smile. You have some land, you grow grapes on it, you pick the grapes, make some wine, live happily ever after. I realise how simplistic that line of thinking is – I’ve conveniently left out challenges caused by the climate, environment, bugs (!), to name a few very broadly (speaking as someone who’s clearly completely ignorant of aforementioned challenges) – not to mention the back-breaking hard yakka. Nonetheless, when I think about sun-dappled vineyards, grapes and wine – and maybe a chunk of blue cheese – I think ‘Ah, that’s the good life’.

Anyway, at Lowe Wines, we did the usual. Enjoyed easy conversation over lunch outdoors, tasted the wares, bought a few cases and went home with happy memories.

In case, like me, you’re wondering about quotation below, I googled to discover it’s from a Goethe poem, Der Erlkönig; the literal translation of the sentence is “There shimmer the old willows so grey”.


*’Mudgee’ is so called by the original owners of the land to mean ‘nest in the hills’

**One of the shots included was taken by N. – you’ll be able to tell which one because you can see the back of my hatted head in it

P2250625 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250609 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250612 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250613 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250611 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250622 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250626 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250624 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250610 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250629 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250630 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250631 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250628 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250636 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250640 NSW_Mudgee_Logan WinesP2250647 NSW_Mudgee_Logan Wines



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  1. That is a nice haul in the boot of the car 🙂 Excellent.

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