I was at the 30th birthday celebrations for ‘man about town’, AEB, yesterday. The setting was on the grounds of a beautiful home in Robertson, New South Wales, about an hour-and-a-half from Sydney.

There was a theme – think Slim Aarons? – but honestly, everyone seemed to have vastly different interpretations of said theme. The birthday ‘boy’ himself had a yellow shorts suit number custom-made, because why not? It’s not every day one celebrates turning the big three-oh.

As you’ll see from the photos, we had splendid weather and the collective mood was merry. It was one of the best birthday celebrations I’d been to in a long time. The head hurt a bit this morning, though – but it was absolutely worth it.

P3110835 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110839 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110846 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110847 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110848 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110849 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110852 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110860 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110861 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110862 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110863 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110865 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110866 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110868 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110870 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110871 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110872 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110875 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110877 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110879 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110881 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110884 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110885 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110887 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110889 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110896 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110900 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110903 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110915 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110916 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110919 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110926 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110928 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110937 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110912 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110945 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110950 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110953 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110960 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110963 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110967 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110969 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110978 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110979 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110986 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110989 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110990 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110991 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110994 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110995 NSW_Robertson_Andy30P3110999 NSW_Robertson_Andy30



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  1. Pictures are fun: I feel like a gate-crasher 🙂

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