At The Robertson

Further to the last post, this selection was taken at ‘ye olde worlde’ The Robertson Hotel where we stayed last week. The aspect of the hotel which I liked the most was that it is surrounded by verdant shrubbery and tall, majestic trees.

It felt like a bit of a shame to have checked in on Saturday afternoon, spent an hour or so there before then leaving for a party, getting in late/early, missing breakfast (which was included in the price), and then wandering around the grounds for half an hour with a pounding head and Sahara-dry mouth – pointing the camera at this and that, all the while wishing that I’d been up early (not for breakfast necessarily, although that would probably have been helpful) to catch the light, which I imagined would’ve been splendid, before leaving on Sunday at around noon… Where was I? Oh yes, at least I got these photos to remind me of the all-too-fleeting stay, eh?


The Hub is wearing one of my vintage Gucci cravats in the top photo, gifted to me years ago by the Bestie. I’m so glad it finally got an outing!

P3110812 NSW_Robertson_Robertson HotelP3110816 NSW_Robertson_Robertson HotelP3110818 NSW_Robertson_Robertson HotelP3110820 NSW_Robertson_Robertson HotelP3110822 NSW_Robertson_Robertson HotelP3121006 NSW_Robertson_Robertson HotelP3121007 NSW_Robertson_Robertson HotelP3121012 NSW_Robertson_Robertson HotelP3121016 NSW_Robertson_Robertson HotelP3121018 NSW_Robertson_Robertson Hotel



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  1. The little creepers on the tree trunks look amazing. My favourite pic is the silver teapot, with glasses and wristwatch – and my fav item is your husbands cravat haha (envy)

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