Walk On

I’ve walked a lot this weekend. Over 10kms yesterday, and over 25kms today.

As I type this, right Achilles, left ankle and both knees are still grumbling. Big toes too, because stupidly, I set off on today’s walk without first cutting my toenails and had to contend with pressure from said hooves pushing against the insides of my trainers. It so could’ve been avoided; well, I did say, “Stupidly”, didn’t I? It felt a lot like the time we walked part of the Camino de Santiago.

This morning, we set off at just before 6:30am, heading over the ANZAC Bridge, through Pyrmont, the city, over the Harbour Bridge, through Neutral Bay, Cremorne, Mosman, stopping for a coffee at The Spit (by which point we’d hit 15kms), continuing on from Spit to Manly for another 9 or so kms. It rained a couple or three times during the almost five-hour (including stopping for photos) walk, and there were several muddy spots to negotiate, but it could’ve been worse, so I’m not complaining. I’m happy to have finished the walking without incident.

You may wonder why all this walking… The Hub is doing the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker next weekend* so he wanted to clock up some walking. I figured it wouldn’t be a bad thing to do some myself.

*  If friends/family are reading this and feel like donating, go here. It’s for a good cause!

P4020091 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020088 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020092 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020096 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020098 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020105 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020106 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020110 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020111 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020115 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020116 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020117 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020119 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020122 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020123 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020126 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020129 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020130 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020131 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020133 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020134 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020140 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020144 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020145 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walkP4020141 NSW_Sydney_Sunday walk



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  1. Hope your toes are recovering 🙂 My favourites this time are the Street Art/basketball shot and the black and white of your husband. Have a fun week, kind regards, Andy


  2. Walking’s one of the truly pleasant natural things we can still find to do. Though that’s maybe more kilometers than most of us need to feel good 🙂


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