This Morning…

April has so far proven to be reasonable weather-wise, unlike March – which delivered 20 or so days of rain, according to the weather bureau. Mind you, I could be possibly jinx-ing us all by even mentioning the weather, but there, I’ve done it now. I apologise in advance.

I was up early today, after a fitful sleep. I gave up on the sleep after waking for the umpteenth time, each time checking the phone to track the walking team’s status. I was on the Anzac Bridge early with the cyclists, in time to witness the pink-hued sunrise give way to daylight rather rapidly over the city. (Meanwhile, the Hub was doing his 100km walk – which he and his team-maters began yesterday morning and completed mid-morning today, in just over 26 hours. Don’t mention the blisters!)

Speaking of sunrise, the clocks went back last weekend, which means I now find myself waking an hour too early, alarm be damned. Going home in the dark after a long workday is the pits, too. Oh wait, wasn’t it a mere month ago that I was complaining about the heat and the humidity?

DSCF4812 NSW_Sydney_sunrise

DSCF4813 NSW_Sydney_sunrise

DSCF4818 NSW_Sydney_sunrise

DSCF4820 NSW_Sydney_sunrise

DSCF4822 NSW_Sydney_sunrise

DSCF4824 NSW_Sydney_sunrise

DSCF4826 NSW_Sydney_Pyrmont Bridge pigeon


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