Sun(day) Salutation

It felt like I was a bit late out of the house this morning, only by 15 or 20 minutes, but it was enough to have missed the mellow light of early morning. As a result, this series is quite shadowy, contrasty, harder than I would normally would like, but I made myself stay out rather than abandon the assignment altogether.

It was superb to soak up the sunshine, stock up on the Vitamin D, catch up on the various podcasts…  Speaking of which, current favourites: Pod Save America, My Dad Wrote a Porno*, Trumpcast, How I Built This, The New Yorker Radio Hour, NPR Politics, Lovett Or Leave It. (And before you mention it, I have listened to S-Town; I binge-listened and was done with it by the end of the day of release.) Any other recommendations?

* I was pretty late to the party on this one, but no matter. I have been failing to not laugh-out-loud in public with this one. I know I look deranged when I’m out and about whilst listening to this one.

P4090160 NSW_Sydney_Sydney Town Hall clock
A quarter to eight (or 07:45:09, according to the timestamp) on the Town Hall clock
P4090164 NSW_Sydney_Sydney Opera House
Morning run
P4090166 NSW_Sydney_Sydney Opera House
Bird in the middle
P4090169 NSW_Sydney_Sydney Opera House steps
On the steps
P4090170 NSW_Sydney_Sydney Opera House
Beside the House
P4090174 NSW_Sydney_Sydney Opera House
By the big House
P4090176 NSW_Sydney_Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sunday morning stroll
P4090189 NSW_Sydney_Sunday morning
Last night’s evidence

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