Rail Life

I can’t lie. I miss living in Surry Hills where most of my regular haunts were within walking distance. I don’t feel like I’ve quite adjusted yet to living in the Inner West, even though we used to be residents several years ago.

What’s different now from then? The most obvious difference is that I hadn’t discovered photography in those days, whereas now it’s the thing that gets me out of bed in the dark, and sees me roaming the streets for a… fix. If I don’t look through the viewfinder, if I don’t have my finger on the shutter, if I’m not assessing the lighting on its qualities, its shot-worthy-ness, if I’m not stalking a stranger because he’ll look good in my frame – then it’s just another day of mundane daily existence. (I can’t quite explain it, but the urge, the pull, the relentless need, to make pictures is real. I don’t know why I feel this way.)

I have been spending more time on trains and trams (a.k.a. light rail) since returning to the Inner West, and this post is a reflection of that, I suppose. The yawning man was a perfect expression of how I feel today.

P4140270 NSW_Sydney_Central trainP4140272 NSW_Sydney_Central trainP4140274 NSW_Sydney_Central trainP4140321 NSW_Sydney_Central trainP4140327 NSW_Sydney_Central trainP4140328 NSW_Sydney_Central trainP4140329 NSW_Sydney_Central train



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  1. I keep saying it, but I’m a great fan of your photos. Maybe being a bit on edge, feeling something’s missing – like not having quite adapted to where you live now – is part of what sparks your creativity 🙂

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  2. Yes, there is something different about your photos MrsM – and I think it’s the bit of you that you manage to put into each one, your time, your thought, your patience etc 😊. I used to paint before I decided writing was my preferred ‘medium’. I’d find scraps of paper in my pocket describing scenes that needed painting – took me a while to realise I had already painted them 😊. Keep exciting us with your pics please and have fun with your skill. Oh yes, stations of all types ,train bus plane are excellent places to gain inspiration… So many people thinking different things 👍

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  3. Ps. My fav is the one with the word ‘line’ in the foreground – did you have to step on to the track to get this shot?

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    • Thanks, Andy. I took the shot from the inside of the train carriage – I was in the lower level. Which reminds me, last year, a visitor from Brisbane was quite taken by our double-decker trains – so I’m mentioning that in case ‘lower level’ didn’t make sense.

      Glad you liked the pics here, thanks as ever. I used to write a lot more, but I lacked the discipline or the inclination to pursue fully. With photography, I feel like I can never get enough… I guess that’s the difference, and maybe why it feels like I’ve put some of myself in the shot. It’s nice to hear it said from an observer. Thanks again.

      In your painting days, what was your medium? I wish I could paint… 🙂

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      • Ah! I remember the lower deck from my visits to Sydney 🙂 It is a unique angle. It’s so pleasurable when we are able to find an outlet for our artistic thoughts that we are comfortable with. In my painting days I worked in watercolour with occasional forays into charcoal 🙂

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