Secret Garden

I took a stroll around Lavender Bay the other morning with the specific purpose of ending up at ‘Wendy’s Secret Garden‘.

Wendy Whiteley’s vision all those years ago to rehabilitate what was once disused land (and dumping ground), owned by the New South Wales State Railways, has resulted in a wonderful space for all to enjoy – a community treasure; its waterside location is both enclosed, sheltered and inviting.

I think I should try to return earlier in the day next time; it was about half-nine by the time I arrived and the sun was shining upon the clear blue-skied day, which although superb and full of feel-good (literally!) doesn’t always make for interesting photos. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the experience of being surrounded by all that green, and viewing the city from the northern vantage point.

DSCF4933 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4934 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4935 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4936 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4938 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4940 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4944 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4945 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4949 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4952 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4954 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4965 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4969 NSW_Sydney_Wendy's Secret GardenDSCF4971 NSW_Sydney_North SydneyDSCF4978 NSW_Sydney_North Sydney


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  1. You have made the most of the light, even though you said it made for uninteresting shots. The shadows are great – I particularly like the shot down the stairs with the girl/boy(?) skipping through the tunnel and the ‘ super-hero’ looking on and saying everything is ok 😊

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