Quietude at the QVB

I’ve been feeling a little bit out of sorts lately, for reasons best left unmentioned. Perhaps I should air my thoughts, in fact I suspect that any mental health professional would insist that it’s better to talk than to leave the negative thoughts to stew… That said, I think I’ll save them for another time.

I mention the feeling of discombobulation because it relates to why I found myself in the Queen Victoria Building early one morning, before the shops had opened, and more specifically, before I had to be at the office. I sometimes find that if I’m feeling unhappy or unsettled about something, it helps to have a wander around with the camera so that I can focus -pun intended- on something else instead.

The QVB is a reasonably regular haunt for me as it’s in the city and does have some shops which I visit from time to time. I often walk through it simply to escape the external elements, be it rain or heat; and more recently, it’s been the construction work on George Street which have been ongoing for months now, and look set to continue for a while yet.

It was only a short session this time, but it did help somewhat…

P4190547 NSW_Sydney_QVB
Under construction outside

P4190544 NSW_Sydney_QVB

P4190556 NSW_Sydney_QVB
On the tiles

P4190557 NSW_Sydney_QVB
In the frame(s)

P4190537 NSW_Sydney_QVB

P4190564 NSW_Sydney_QVB



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  1. It probably helped because you talked through your photos.

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  2. Love these – especially Purposeful.

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  3. Lovely images of the QVB – hope taking them helped make you feel a bit better

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