By the Line

These photos were taken in and around the Haymarket and Ultimo areas of Sydney. The landmark in this part of town is the Frank Gehry-designed Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, which I’ve photographed many times but, try as I might, I can never resist stopping to admire whenever I walk by. I won’t go on about it – there’s no shortage of articles and opinions that can be found online regarding the structure (and how some say it resembles a crumpled paper bag) – so google away!

I sometimes like being around this part of town because the architectural styles are such a mishmash, not to mention the fact that The Goods Line reminds me of New York’s High Line – by dint of the similar-sounding names. The latter is of course much more substantial, with a great deal more happening along its length, but there are days I like to pretend I live in a big city, that big city.




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  1. I’ve never heard of the ‘ Dr Chau Chak Wing Building’ , I’m off to Mr Google now to check it out 😊 excellent pics and write-up as usual thanks MrsM

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