Looking Up and Around

New York, New York… I was fortunate to spend a few days there last week, thanks to a work trip. I didn’t get much down time, but what I did manage to steal was spent with my camera.

As always I found myself marvelling at New York’s massive buildings, old and new; its wide streets full of loud, rumbling buses and honking cars; the general cacophony of activity; no one paying anyone any attention whatsoever… Except perhaps for the odd glance at this person with the camera…

Sidebar: I even threw in a selfie.

There will be a couple more New York posts to follow…

DSCF5932 New York_street
Friday afternoon… making plans
DSCF5942 New York_street
Selfie in a fancy facade
DSCF5967 New York_street
DSCF5975 New York_street
Walking, no talking
DSCF5995 New York_street
Rush hour
DSCF5996 New York_street
DSCF5997 New York_street
DSCF6010 New York_street
DSCF6015 New York_street
Apple store at Grand Central Terminal
DSCF6064 New York_street
Look up
DSCF6077 New York_street
Blue sky
DSCF6081 New York_street
Cube stacks
DSCF6090 New York_street
New York Public Library
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