New York Natives

…Well, natives and tourists, I guess… I was neither playing spot-the-tourist nor be-the-tourist, although I’m sure my camera gave me away as the latter. I’ve been enjoying taking photos of people a great deal more this year, and I think if I’d had more time in New York, I would’ve surely ended up renting a longer portrait lens. My sessions were limited to a couple of hours one day, and a few more the next, in between a rain shower and a torrential downpour. Ah, the joys of New York summer!

DSCF5921 New York_street
Little girl, preoccupied man, strutting woman
DSCF5950 New York_street
Thinking of…?
DSCF5954 New York_street
Street vendor
DSCF5955 New York_street
DSCF5957 New York_street
Sleeping on the job
DSCF5961 New York_street
DSCF5981 New York_street
Photog at rest
DSCF5994 New York_street
No stand[ing]
DSCF6004 New York_street
Waiting at The French Building
DSCF5947 New York_street
Favourite outfit?
DSCF6086 New York_street
At the lights / Hand me my coffee
DSCF6083 New York_street
For posterity
DSCF6102 New York_street
In the moment
DSCF6105 New York_street
DSCF6097 New York_street
Down time
DSCF6088 New York_street
Walking the walk


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  1. Great street pics – love ‘in the moment’ and not sure why this caught my eye in ‘Sleeping on the job’ – what do you reckon the chain is for? Bit too far up to secure a pushie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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