When It Rains…

I mentioned the rain in my previous post… Here’s a little photographic evidence; the first couple of pics were taken on the Friday evening when the rainfall was relatively light – mind you, I didn’t have an umbrella and by the time I’d walked several blocks, I was more than damp and the camera was firmly replaced in the bag – I was fully focused on getting back to the hotel.

The next day, I confess I was a little disappointed to step out of the hotel at 5:45am only to find it was coming down in sheets. But that’s just the way it goes sometimes and as I was scheduled to head to the airport in the mid-afternoon for the return to Sydney, I went out anyway!

It’s been dry, albeit chilly, in Sydney, and as our winters often are, the daylight hours have been fairly bright and sunny. Jetlag still lingers – someone told me that it’s a day per timezone crossed to return to normal; in which case, I have a few more days to go.

DSCF5979 New York_streetDSCF6031 New York_streetDSCF6036 New York_streetDSCF6049 New York_streetDSCF6037 New York_streetDSCF6042 New York_streetDSCF6040 New York_streetDSCF6048 New York_street



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  1. I like the sepia(?) colour of the first few pics and then the blue is a nice surprise. It’s cold here in Brisbane this morning and these pics made me feel a little more chilly – except the one with the lady wearing a short skirt and sandals – thats storm-season wear for Cairns, North Queensland 🙂 Have a great weekend Mrs M .

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