Job Lot from London

I did wonder whether or not to share these photos from London. To be honest, I found being there difficult this time, mainly due to the fact that it was the first leg of the work trip, and I was a little bit stressed about it. Not to mention the jet-lag. (I don’t even remember taking half the shots here.)

And the heat! It was 32C on two out of the three days I was there! I know most of us love the warm weather, me included, but not in London. That place just isn’t built to cope with heat. And we even had a power failure on the Monday. Suffice to say, my fingers were firmly crossed that there would be no further such incidents, especially on the Wednesday, which was the day of the work event.

Also, I can’t remember London ever hitting 30C when I used to live there. In fact, I recall rejoicing whenever the mercury hit 26C – that was about as high as it used to get during summer in the nine years that I lived there. I’m sure I’m not alone in this observation… (Anyone who tells me climate change is not real has clearly not been paying attention.)

Anyhow, the shots here are from Hyde Park, Knightsbridge/Belgravia (where my colleagues and I were based), Mayfair, with one from Soho thrown in. You’ll be able to spot the Knightsbridge photos with ease – even without my captions – from the OTT sports cars in the frame.

DSCF5806 London_June 2017
Dog walking
DSCF5810 London_June 2017
Three through the tunnel
DSCF5811 London_June 2017
Des res
DSCF5812 London_June 2017
Bicycle in signage only
DSCF5815 London_June 2017
Vintage Mercedes in a mews
DSCF5820 London_June 2017
Quiet street 
DSCF5821 London_June 2017
Wrought iron and colour
DSCF5823 London_June 2017
Lexington Street, Soho
DSCF5828 London_June 2017
The Royal Arcade
DSCF5829 London_June 2017
Gucci’d up
DSCF5831 London_June 2017
Pile o’ bricks
DSCF5842 London_June 2017
Orange is the new black
DSCF5846 London_June 2017
No. 12
DSCF5847 London_June 2017
DSCF5848 London_June 2017
DSCF5851 London_June 2017
Orange is the new black, pt. 2
DSCF5852 London_June 2017
Why hate? (Since you ask, have you seen the side of your car?!)
DSCF5855 London_June 2017
Beating the bus
DSCF5857 London_June 2017
Hyde Park local
DSCF5865 London_June 2017
Shoes off, Pringles and deck chairs in Hyde Park 
DSCF5866 London_June 2017


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  1. Ah lovely London! What a great city. But that heat’s a killer. I wouldn’t have enjoyed that.

    I hope that your work event was successful?

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  2. Orange is my favourite colour… sometimes though, too much of a good thing eh? The ‘detail’ pic I loved and the thought of a 32 deg day in London I loath. Nice pics Mrs M – I hope they brought back some of your jet-lag induced, lost memories 😉 Stay cool.

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