Flying visit to Melbourne

I had the pleasure of visiting with a friend in Melbourne last weekend Saturday. I would’ve spent more time there had I not had to change my return flight to an earlier one in order to attend a birthday party. (And the funny story about that is that is that the Hub told me the start time for said party was 4pm, when in fact it was 2pm. It was a good thing I arrived with a bit of time to spare; although we didn’t realise it until a Facebook reminder or somesuch appeared on his device, at about half-one which threw yours truly into a panic!)

Party-panic aside, these are a few I snapped whilst in Melbourne. I enjoyed the change of scenery, and although it was cold, I didn’t struggle with it as much as I had done on previous visits (yes, I am a winter-wuss). And I was very thankful that it was a rain-free trip this time.

Because I had to head back to the airport on Sunday morning, and I was desperate to do more roaming-with-camera before doing so, I found myself on the streets at 6:30am, wondering if chilblains were developing on my nose and if frostbite had begun on my toes. That said, I think it was worth the cold, dark walk through the streets when everyone else was in bed, just for the tram shots, especially since they’re such of fixture of Melbourne.

DSCF6167 Melbourne_July 2017

DSCF6173 Melbourne_July 2017
Wintry trees

DSCF6175 Melbourne_July 2017
Exploration Lane

DSCF6176 Melbourne_July 2017
It was less than 65 degrees, I’m sure!

DSCF6177 Melbourne_July 2017
Gloved gent

DSCF6189 Melbourne_July 2017
Patrick Pound exhibition at the NGV

DSCF6193 Melbourne_July 2017
Train lines

DSCF6204 Melbourne_July 2017

DSCF6205 Melbourne_July 2017
Ferris wheel

DSCF6210 Melbourne_July 2017

DSCF6213 Melbourne_July 2017
‘Shanghai’, Melbourne

DSCF6220 Melbourne_July 2017

DSCF6223 Melbourne_July 2017

DSCF6228 Melbourne_July 2017
Dinner service in full swing

DSCF6238 Melbourne_July 2017
Early morning tram

DSCF6243 Melbourne_July 2017
Chinatown signage

DSCF6246 Melbourne_July 2017
Early morning wait by the Chinatown gate



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  1. Beautiful set of photos. I love the layers of people in the restaurant, and the sihouette in the gallery especially.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great shots MrsM – glad you braved the cold 😊 I’m in Launceston at the moment… bit chilly here 😬


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