Fleet, Mayhem, Stack

Apparently, one may choose from ‘fleet’, ‘mayhem’, or ‘stack’ when seeking the collective noun for a group of cars. Thus, this post is about a fleet of sportscars, a mayhem of vintage motors, a stack of Porsches.

Herewith, a few of my favourites, seen admired this morning at the Tramsheds in Harold Park, a short walk from home. Yes, that’s right, I dragged the Hub out of bed and house at 7am on a Sunday. Bad wife! (Not really. He is a Porsche fan, and used to drive one himself.) I think the early morning meander was worth it. We were in the presence of some beauties!

DSCF6283 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6284 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6285 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6286 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6287 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6288 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6290 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6291 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6292 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6293 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6294 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6295 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6296 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6299 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6300 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6301 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6302 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6305 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_PorscheDSCF6307 NSW_Sydney_Tramsheds_Porsche



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  1. Some beautiful lines there Mrs M 🙂 I’d be happy to park any one of those in my garage! The white one with the red pegasus is a Porsche isn’t it? – the upholstery and paint are a work of art… I bet the owner doesn’t eat a bucket of chips while driving that beauty haha

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