Friday Night Lights

I shot these on Friday night, walking from the office to the light rail stop in Pyrmont Bay, extending the usual 25-minute stroll to about an hour as a result of my stop/start, lurking/stalking.

This session was a reminder of how much I missed the long Fujifilm 90mm f2, which I returned after a six-month rental earlier this year. I wish I’d held on to it, but I wasn’t quite so much into the people shots then as I am now. It would certainly come in handy these days. When I can bear the thought of re-doing the rental paperwork is when I’ll pick that lens up again. These were all captured with my current favourite: 56mm f1.2, shot at ISO 1600 and ranging mostly from f1.2 to 2.

I seem to take photos of people engrossed by their handheld devices frequently. It’s hardly a surprise, such is the fixation we all seem to have with our toys. I try every now and again to leave my iPhone in my pocket when travelling on the bus or tram, and when I cast my eye around me, everyone else, or at least 99.9% of my fellow travellers are glued to their screens. I definitely try not to look at my screen when I’m crossing the road, too, but I also seem to be in the minority in that regard.

DSCF6476 NSW_Sydney_street
Mother and son

I was drawn first to her hat, and then the shadows they made. Mother and son were looking at something on her smartphone’s screen. Of course.

DSCF6483 NSW_Sydney_street
Friday night lights/run
DSCF6486 NSW_Sydney_street
Engrossed I
DSCF6488 NSW_Sydney_street
Her dress, his hat

I couldn’t help but wonder where the subjects in the above were heading, she with her voluminous outfit that required lifting from the ground (despite the towering heels), and in the opposite direction, the man in his smart hat.

DSCF6503 NSW_Sydney_street
DSCF6504 NSW_Sydney_street
DSCF6512 NSW_Sydney_street
Looking for a laptop
DSCF6516 NSW_Sydney_street
Ready to go
DSCF6523 NSW_Sydney_street
SMS: “I’m two minutes away…!”
DSCF6531 NSW_Sydney_street
Furry footwear

I’m a sucker for furry footwear. Honestly.

DSCF6543 NSW_Sydney_street
Tote bag(s)
DSCF6546 NSW_Sydney_street
DSCF6547 NSW_Sydney_street
At the lights
DSCF6556 NSW_Sydney_street
DSCF6561 NSW_Sydney_street
All smiles
DSCF6567 NSW_Sydney_street
Engrossed II

She was so engrossed by whatever was on her screen that I ended up right in front of her for this shot – I had begun about five feet away, but moved forward several times, taking advantage of her obliviousness.

DSCF6562 NSW_Sydney_street

I’ll be heading overseas next weekend so there won’t be any posts from me until, earliest, the second week of September. Keep well, everyone, and thanks for reading to the end of this post! πŸ˜‰



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  1. Who doesn’t love furry footwear? πŸ™‚ I love the night photos. Beautiful color and interesting subjects. Have a safe overseas trip.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bon voyage Mrs M πŸ™‚ Loved this post. My fav was “Fly Away” – not sure if it is the colour, the structure, or just the carefree feel of the young ladies pose. Take care πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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